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Antonios Cleveland

Antonios Cleveland was a scoring machine for the Crusaders in 2013. He is currently with the Dallas Mavericks organization.

JJ Frazier

JJ Frazier spent his entire high school career with the Crusaders, and graduated in 2013. He is now playing professionally overseas, and has played in the NBA G League for the Memphis Grizzlies organization.

Jaquez Motley

Jaquez Motley spent 4 years with Crusaders and graduated in 2012. He has played professionally in Australia, and is currently playing professionally in Morocco.

D'moi Hodge

D'moi Hodge is the only player in school history to score over 1,000 points in a single season for the Crusaders. He is currently playing for the State College of Florida, and has verbally committed to Cleveland State University.

Chavez Young

Chavez Young was drafted straight out of high school to the Toronto Blue Jays, and is currently playing in the minor leagues. He graduated from Faith Baptist in 2016, and was a great ambassador for the cause of Christ

James Wanjara

James Wanjara graduated from Faith Baptist in 2014, and played 2 years of junior college basketball before finishing his career and graduating from Park University in Missouri. 

Rashaan Benson

Rashaan Benson graduated from Faith Baptist in 2014. He spent another year out of high school before furthering his career, and graduating from the University of West Florida. 

Lehua Barrett

Lehua Barrett attended Faith Baptist K4-12, and was a leading athlete in basketball, softball, and volleyball. She furthered her career and education at Brewton Parker College playing softball and volleyball. 

Crusader Alumni

Jared Sellars - Pensacola Christian College 1996

Brad Westberry - Brewton Parker College 1996

Michael Brown - Trinity Baptist College 1998

Matt Sellars - Pensacola Christian College 2002

Mike Miller - Georgia Military College 2007

Erin Madray - Clearwater Christian College 2008

Aaron Power - LaGrange College/Columbus State University 2010

Tracy Jester - Greensboro College 2011

Mohammed Lee - Chipola College/Tarleton State University 2011

JaQuez Motley - Texas Southern University/East Georgia State/Coker College/

National Basketball League (Australia) / The Division Excellence FIBA (Morocco) 2012

Shakur Cook - Truett McConnell College 2012

Lehua Barrett - Brewton Parker College 2012

Kirk HIll - Trinity Baptist College 2013

Jordan Ollison - Trinity Baptist College 2013

Jerry Owens - Redlands Community College/Arkansas State University 2013

JJ Frazier - University of Georgia/Serie A Basketball League (Italy)/

Memphis Hustle NBA G League/LNB Pro A League (France) 2013

Antonios Cleveland - Southeast Missouri State/Atlanta Hawks/

Santa Cruz Warriors NBA G League and Dallas Mavericks NBA 2013

Rashaan Benson - University of West Florida 2014

Trey Leatherwood - Shelton State Community College/Belhaven College 2014

James Wanjara - Iowa State Community College/Park Universtiy 2014

Jesus Izquierdo - North Oklahoma College 2014

Moyosore Olagesin - Carver Bible College 2015

Chidi Okeke - Lousiana State University 2015

Keymont Jenkins - Sheridan College 2015

Karlos Odum - University of North Florida 2015

Malik Jordan - Chattahoochee State College 2015

Aleksandar Cosic - Union University 2015

Willem Vermylen - South Georgia State College/Johnson & Wales University 2016

Chavez Young - Toronto Blue Jays 2016

Keyshaun Street - South Georgia State College/Delta State College 2017

Dmoi Hodge - State College of Florida 2017

James Shodimu - Pensacola Christian College 2017

1,000 Point Club

Jared Sellars 1996

Chad Scarborough 1996

Ben Bowen 1998

Katie Westberry 1998

Daniel Klymshyn 2001

Rusty Kagee 2002

Matt Sellars 2002

Daryn Klymshyn 2006

Erin Madray 2008

Aaron Power 2010

JaQuez Motley 2012

JJ Frazier 2013

Kirk Hill 2013

Dmoi Hodge 2017

1994-1995 Boys Baseball State Champs

1995-1996 Boys Basketball Region Champs

1995-1996 Boys Soccer Region Champs

1995-1996 Boys Soccer State Champs

1997-1998 Boys Soccer, Basketball, Baseball State Champs

1998-1999 Boys Baseball State Champs

2000-2001 Girls Basketball Region Champs

2000-2001 Girls Basketball State Champs

2001-2002 Boys Basketball Region Champs

2003-2004 Boys Basketball, Baseball State Champs

2004-2005 Boys Basketball State Champs

2004-2005 Girls Volleyball State Champs

2005-2006 Boys Basketball State Champs

2005-2006 Girls Volleyball State Champs

2006-2007 Boys Basketball State Champs

2006-2007 Boys Football State Champs 

2006-2007 Girls Volleyball State Champs

2007-2008 Boys Basketball State Champs

2008-2009 Boys Basketball Region Champs

2008-2009 Boys Basketball State Champs

2009-2010 Boys Basketball Region Champs

2009-2010 Boys Basketball State Champs

2009-2010 Boys Basketball NACA National Div. 4 Champs

2010-2011 Girls Basketball Region Champs

2010-2011 Girls Basketball State Champs

2010-2011 Boys Basketball Region Champs

2010-2011 Boys Basketball State Champs

2011-2012 Boys Basketball USA National Prep Champs

2011-2012 Boys Basketball Region Champs

2011-2012 Boys Basketball State Champs

2011-2012 Girls Volleyball Region Champs

2011-2012 Girls Basketball State Champs

2011-2012 Girls Volleyball Region Champs

2011-2012 Girls Volleyball State Champs

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2012-2013 Boys Basketball State Champs

2013-2014 Boys Basketball Region Champs

2013-2014 Boys Basketball State Champs

2013-2014 Girls Volleyball Region Champs

2014-2015 Boys Basketball Region Champs

2014-2015 Boys Basketball State Champs

2014-2015 Boys Basketball NACA National Elite Champs